Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wow, that was short

Woe is me.

I was supposed to post every day in March. On March 1st I posted. Then I just forgot. For about two days. And how it's the 6th and I wonder why I can't remember things and how this always happens to me.

Take last Friday for instance. I took Leah to buy a gift for her friend. We found the gift and I went to pay. No debit card. I left her at the store (she was with her friend, I'm not that much of a slacker-well, maybe I am) and went home to look for the card. After tearing things up a bit I found it in a checkbook full of empty checks that I had been scrambling though earlier to find a blank check. (I didn't find a blank check, of course, and all the others were gone, not surprising.) I ran back to the store, paid for the gift, then collected the girls. Came home, got in the car to go collect the dog from the groomer, and got two blocks before I stopped to make sure I had the card. Dumped my wallet out. Cursed. Fumed. Cursed again. No debit card. Called the toy store to see if it was there. (At least I had my phone!) Went back home and took the credit card out of the drawer that I use only for emergencies. Now it was too late to collect the poor dog who had been at the groomer's since 9:30 am. because I had a hair appointment to get to. Darren said he'd get the dog and I went on my way. Still have the credit card and am using it because I can't bear to go into the bank and get another debit card for the 2nd time this month! I am thoroughly disgusted with myself and embarrassed.

Yesterday, Sammie was looking on a shelf and said, "MOM, isn't this your debit card?" Bless you dear child I said and put it in my wallet that is now more disheveled than disheveled. I put the credit card back in the drawer.  On my way home from school I stopped at the grocery to get some things, and was all happy to have my cute pink debit card with me, tucked into my wallet. The checker ran it through twice but it was denied. It was then, and only then that I realized that this must have been the debit card that I lost two weeks ago and forgot to destroy when I got a new one.  I got a bit teary when I told the checker that I couldn't believe it, that my life was disorganized beyond belief, and said that maybe I would be back after I went home to get the credit card. But I didn't. I was just too defeated.

Instead I wondered why I had given up sugar, what a stupid, stupid thing.

I know that the minute I go to the bank I will find the $%^#@ thing,  but I am getting desperate and the credit card balance is steadily growing and this doesn't bode well for my marital happiness. I hate checks but it looks like I am going to have to order them.

This just isn't the slightest bit amusing anymore, but it makes for good blog material. I think I had better head for the bank. Defeated by the debit card again.

Hey, how about those Orem High Tigers? State 4 Champions! Go Tigers!


Tani said...

Oh, I so understand not being able to show up at the bank--again--to publicly admit that I am not responsible enough to keep track of a stupid piece of plastic. But, if this happens to you, too, well, then there's hope for me! And, yeah, the sugar thing? I can only do that when everything--EVERYTHING--else is perfect in my life.

Kirstin said...

Ah, misery loves company. You are not alone. My kids are constantly asking me "weren't you going to do/buy/call/arrange for/REMEMBER (insert any old task)?" I feel like some frail, hunched cartoon like lady who needs a note tied around her neck to remind her of her name and where she lives sometimes. I think I need to add "Thanks, sonny" to my speech repertoire, also. We can either laugh or cry and crying makes your make-up run. Hang in there!

Judy said...

Well, I lose or forget or misplace stuff all the time. But yesterday, I was just plain klutzy: spilled my drink at lunch, twisted my ankle in the garage, and burned by hand (only slightly) on a hot frying pan. I did manage to keep my debit card in my wallet!