Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Month of Stuff

It's pathetic that I'm now blogging once a month. My life has changed so dramatically. I'm not sure if I like that I never sit down to blog anymore. I feel like a lot of my life is going unrecorded, and I definitely feel a void. Plus, I know the masses out there are SOOOO upset!

All in all, life is going well. My job is good and I am enjoying the great kids and teachers I get to work with every day. We now have a girl in our class with cerebral palsy and autism. She is in a wheelchair. It has been a challenge to get used to how to care for her.

Fall is beautiful and warm. We've had a string of drop-dead gorgeous days; one couldn't ask for better weather. I keep thinking it's going to end, but it doesn't. Each day competes with the next for most beautiful. I love fall.

Adrienne got asked to homecoming last weekend, by a guy she's been friends with for years. Now we begin the process of dress shopping, something I'm told could take weeks by friends who have done it before. Apparently finding the right dress for homecoming is akin to finding the right wedding dress. When I went to school dances in the 80s, I just put on one of my church dresses or bought a new church dress. We never wore formals and now I know why. Sheesh! Good thing I'm raking in the big bucks these days working for the Alpine School District! Whew!

I am disgusted at corporate CEOs who are profiting from the huge financial crisis. I am disgusted with their greed and lack of accountability. I am disgusted that my children will inherit the mess fueled by their greed and selfishness. I don't think anyone in government knows what to do about it, really. Not McCain, not Obama, and definitely not Sarah Palin, who probably thinks she can put on lipstick and kiss it all better with her pit bull/beauty queen lips.

Just a bit about Sarah Palin. She scares me in ways that I can't express. But here goes! With all her talk about family values, what she has done to her family in the last month is deplorable. She has hidden a pregnancy, hidden from her children that it would be a down syndrome baby, brought her pregnant teenage daughter into the media's unforgiving limelight, all while claiming that they are one big happy family!

A woman who would put her family under a microscope to try to assume a job that she is woefully unprepared for . . . I don't get that. Why would anybody do that to themselves? Why would anyone do that to their children? Why did John McCain ask her to be his running mate? Why did she say she didn't even hesitate to say yes when he asked her? She didn't even think? That is increasingly obvious. She can never undo the consequences of her decision NOT TO THINK! AUGH!!!!!

I get to go out with Mom and Lisa tonight. I'm excited.

We have an awesome new grocery store in town. I am thrilled. It is full of people who never shop at Wal-Mart. That is why I love it. There are no crabby mothers pushing around screaming kids yelling, "I told you I'd smack you if you didn't shut up!" and then whacking their kid. Not one is sight. Aren't I a snob? It's called Sunflower Farmer's Market. The reason I love it is because when I shop there I feel like I'm in Seattle or Virginia or some other cool place besides Utah. Any place that makes me feel cool in Utah, I like.

Darren and I saw Hale Center Theater's production of Aida last night. It was fantastic. We loved it. We are thinking about buying season tickets. It is lovely to be able to go out to the theater on the weekends! It's been many years since that's happened.