Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Most Perfect Weekend

I just got back from a girls weekend with my long-time friend Danell. I consider myself sane again after this much-needed trip. In other words I feel I can live life again without feeling the need to check myself in somewhere where there are no sharp objects. This is good news for everyone associated with me in any way.

I flew into LA on Friday. Danell picked me up with 1940s sattelite music playing on the radio. Cheerful, happy, playful. The SUN was shining and it was 70 degrees. There were palm trees. There were no clouds, or precipitation of any sort anywhere! I was giddy! For any of you who live in Utah or who have been in Utah recently, you will know why this weather was like manna from heaven. And why I was delirously giddy.

We spent the day getting pampered at cheap places in China town, and eating amazing Italian food that wasn't in China town. Hey, how does an hour foot massage sound, followed by an hour table massage followed by am hour facial? Yes, you are turning a lovely shade of green, the same color as the mask that Wendy put on my face.

Saturday: Farmer's Market, The Grove, shopping, lunch, the BEACH. Waves and sand and sun and waves and sun and sand and warmth. Warmth I haven't felt for a long time. Glorious and restful and peaceful and better than any precription for anti-depressants that I've ever had.

Why do I live in Utah. Why? I am so much happier here.

And then a seagull pooped on my shoulder and I was back to reality. And that reality was is that even at the beach you can get pooped on. Nothing is as good as it seems. But it was still pretty amazing.

Sunday: the Getty. Glorious gardens, and more 70 degree sun without wind and clouds. A Leonardo da Vinci exhibit that showed his intricate drawings that classify him as an inspired genius. Icing on the cake.

Hours and hours on conversation with Danell, someone who knows me well. We made some plans for self-improvement and vowed to check up and check in with each other. The beautitful thing about this is that I believe I will follow through this time. I haven't been able to say that for a long time. She was just what I needed when I needed it most.

Thanks Danell for navigating me around LA for three days, for the cheerful music, for all the healthy, flavorful food, for the fashion tips, but most of all for the great advice and true friendship.

That said, If I see one more snowflake I think I will permanently lose it. Even if it gets cold again in Utah (today is looking fairly promising) I refuse to wear my winter shoes. I will tool around in sandals pretending it's spring, my little toesies freezing. They are painted a bring spring green which Darren calls garrish, and I call hopeful.

Hope is in the air.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pleasures and Perils of Life with Puppy

So our little puppy came home a couple of weeks ago. He is a lot of work and fun, just like all good things, I suppose. I won't beat around the bush, I'm crazy in love with him! His name is Theo Mark Garff Hawkins, and he puts a smile on my face. It is hilarious to watch him try to eat worms, attack plants, rip bark off a tree, or watch with rapt curiosity as a robin hops across the yard. The best of all is watching him play chase and ball with Nathan, kind of like a little brother would.

He falls asleep in the silliest places, almost on his feet sometimes. He wears himself out and then just collapses wherever he is. He gets upset when he's too excited and overstimulated, but by far his biggest problem is his nippiness. He thinks humanflesh is fantastic to sink his little teeth into despite his many bite toys that are supposed to "distract" him. He goes insane over his "good behavior" treats, kind of like a cat with cat nip. We have not been up at night with him much, and that was my greatest fear. He stays in his crate and sleeps all night.

Leah is like a little mother to him, fussing and fretting about him and letting thoughts of his welfare and whereabouts occupy her for hours on end. This is a good thing. Darren seems amused with his silliness, and is even admitting that he is "pretty darn cute." (see photo)

My goal to preserve the carpet has almost been met, despite a few accidents and mishaps. When spraying the cleaner to clean up the messes, Theo attacks the spray bottle and wrestles it to the ground like a bird after the kill.

All in all, we're well on our way to understanding the "man's best friend" adage, and books like "Old Yeller" and "All Creatures Great and Small" now have more meaning than ever.

Amazing how something so small can be so big, cliche and all.