Saturday, March 10, 2012

Research Blah

Today my fears came true. I have been trying to fake it for about seven months now. Pretty successfully actually. I have been quite the imposter. But I think I have been exposed.

 I don't know how to write a research paper anymore. Help! I have a draft of a big, yucky one due Tuesday and I am befuddled.

What do you expect, people tell me. You haven't written one in more than 20 years. It will be fine.

They're right. But the fact remains, I have to do it.

Here I sit. Saturday afternoon. Kids have done their chores (sort of), Nathan's basketball game is over (he scored 8 points, but their team got slaughtered), laundry is progressing (as well as can be expected), and I don't have to do anything until 5.

Blah. It is beautiful today. My yard is a wreck, thanks to that dumb, dumb dog. I should go out there.

Research calls. It will not be ignored.

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