Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratitude in Fractions

Life moves along whether you blog or not. So I'd better blog before I forget everything that is happening in my life. Of course my legions of followers will be upset if I neglect them too long.

Things to be grateful for today:

1. The school year is 1/3 over. The principal reminded us of this with cookies in the faculty room. I can't believe I've actually survived 60 days in the autistic unit. Only 120 more. I remain unscathed as of today, but who knows what could happen tomorrow.

2. My Christmas shopping is 2/3 done. Thanks to a day off a couple weeks ago and Darren's great gift ideas, we're well on our way to the finish line. That's a good feeling.

3. The sun has been shining 2/3 of the time. If there were a sun god I would worship him or her, because I hate life without it.

4. I have been working out three days a week at Curves which is 100 percent of my goal. Lesson learned: If I make smaller goals I can reach them. If I would have said 4 or 5 days a week, then I wouldn't be reaching my goal, and that would be another thing to fail at. Know what I mean?

5. My house is 1/2 clean. It will never be 100% clean, so I will take what I can get. Darren has been going crazy cleaning with our new Kirby vacuum. He's got to get his money's worth. Our carpets look better than they have for months.

6. The work week is 4/5 over. Who can't handle one measly Friday? What could possibly happen on Friday that could mess up my life? Hmmmmm. I don't want to find out.

7. Barack Obama is president-elect. Looking at the tears streaming down all those African American faces on national TV made me 100 percent proud to be an American. I am proud that America has looked beyond race and made the right choice. I am hopeful and excited for the future. I am intrigued by this intelligent, understanding man.

8. Sammie's play is over. Oklahoma was great succes! It was 50 percent wonderful, 50 percent a pain. But she made some great new friends, so I am 100 percent happy about that, and I know she is too.

And who ever said I was below average in math?


Suey said...

I saw your name on the Curves board! I'm only going twice a week now (Tues and Thurs morning) and have added step aerobics at the rec center the other two days. When are you doing Curves?

I didn't manage to make it to the junior high play. First time in years I think. If she's anything like my Jessica, these new friends she made will be her friends for life! Jessica is in Once Upon A Mattress next week.

Cathy said...

As one of your followers, it's good to hear from you again! Way to go on reaching so many goals! Your glass definitely looks 1/2 full!

Macy said...

I loved this entry. 100%! I am so glad that your arm is now mending. That's great blog material!! You have now survived the worst thing that can happen this year! I wish you nothing but joy and comfort (even if it comes from your medication) the rest of the year!!

Lorena said...

Hi Ellen! I found your blog URL from your Good Reads profile, which I found from Teresa's friends. How are you?? I love the fractions idea. How many things really are 100% anyway, although you did have a few! I especially liked the 50% house clean. I can relate to that. My blog is I'd love to hear from you!