Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Party County

Yes, I live in the reddest county in Utah, if not the whole blasted USA. For many in my neighborhood, they've forgotten that we live in a democracy. That means, all you lovers of the constitution and American values and patriotism, that I don't have to VOTE HOW YOU VOTE. I can vote how I want, and you can't do a thing about it. I wouldn't think of trying to change your mindset, and I certianly would never rip down your McCain signs.


Yes, it's really cute to pull down my Obama/Biden lawn sign. Tee hee hee. You are so funny. What? You can't believe someone in your neighborhood who shares your religious values, does NOT share your political values? Or are you wondering do I really share your religious values? Am I going to corrupt your children at church with my liberal ideas? You can think whatever you think.

Remember when they read that statement at church two weeks ago about how political affilitation is a PERSONAL CHOICE and that our religion does NOT ENDORSE ANY SPECIFIC PARTY? Hmmmm..

I can't wait for this election to be over. I'm sick of feeling like a freak show at the circus because of my political choices.

Grow up people.


Mark G said...

People can be so stupid. Most far right radicals seem to tend towards anti-social behavior. They can't comprehend an opposing viewpoint. Try to ignore them. It's hard though, when they're right up in your face. If your neighbors are really that small-minded you should get out of there. Let them wallow in their own sheltered and racist filth while you move on to better things.

Michelle said...

How juvenile some kids can be! Jeez! So, hey, I saw this video this morning and totally laughed my butt off. Opie and that was cool!

Cathy said...

Ellen, I'm so glad you're in my family!! Thank you for marrying my brother. I love how you express your views without caring what anyone thinks.

Macy said...

Ellen- I love your blog!! It is SO fun to read. You are gifted at writing and telling a story! I love the bitterness in some of your statements- they made me laugh! I hope that's okay. :) I think you're great!

Rob & Kari said...

I was going to make an addendum to your sign that said "It's okay, really!" but it was immature. Now that Obama has won, doesn't it make you want to stick your thumbs in your ears, wiggle your fingers and stick your tongue out at whoever took it?

Teresa said...

I was wondering how you were weathering the storm in Utahville.