Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Trip up North

A few weeks ago I got on a plane with my mom and sister and went to visit my brother in Seattle. It was a great family reunion. I had never seen Seattle in the fall. I had no idea the color was so spectacular. It was gorgeous even though it rained nearly the entire five days we were there. Here are a few highlights. Credit for photos goes to Judy (Mom) who not only remembered to bring a camera but took most of the pictures.

Here is my little brother Mark, standing in front of some amazing fall color. Apparently people in Seattle don't use umbrellas, they wear hats!

Mark, me and Lisa at Snoqualmie Falls.

Lisa, Mom and Mark at Snoqualmie Falls.

Something you don't see every day of the week!

Mouthwatering produce at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Don't stand too close or a flying fish my slap you in the face!

Mom has found some amazing color as well. It wasn't hard.

My new concoction for a dessert. Vanilla ice cream (the real stuff, not reduced fat) and gingersnap cookies smothered in caramel sauce!

Mom, Lisa and me at lunch at a fish and chips place near the Pike Place Market.

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Cathy said...

It looks like a great trip! I am homesick for WA just looking at your pictures. I'm glad you got to take this trip!