Sunday, July 8, 2007

Salt Water

I attended a weight watchers meeting last week where the group leader talked about the power of salt water. She said the key to success in everything depends on our use of salt water. "What?" everyone asked. How could this be?

She explained about three kinds of salt water: The first kind is sweat produced by exercise and work. Second, is the emotional release of tears. Third, is the figurative representation of the ocean and the calmness and rejuvenation we feel when we have getaways from life.

I have had all three kinds of salt water in the last few days. I'm wondering how this is the key to success. I felt great after an 8-mile hike through Targhee National Forest in Idaho on Friday. We identified 20 different kinds of wildflowers, some I'd never seen before! Being away with my husband enjoying the scenery was fabulous R and R. But the tears have come today, and I feel vulnerable and sad. Maybe some good will come from them, I don't know.

I don't cry easily. I don't cry unless something is really affecting me. When I first heard this salt water theory, I wondered how I'd ever put it to the test since my crying sessions are few and far between. They are rarely used as an emotional release. When they come, they are usually the result of an event that has caused sorrow, pain or worry.

I am left still wondering about salt water. It probably has a lot of merit. But I can't see it today. Maybe tomorrow.

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